Ok Naledi Go Slow Artwork

Release Date February 14, 2023
Written, Composed, Produced, Recorded by Naledi Sunstrum
Mixed and Mastered at All Buttons In Recording Studio


I wrote INtrlD for my closeted, queer teen self who feel in love with a girl while living in Botswana at a time when it was illegal to be gay. If only my little teen self could see me now.

“Two years on and I’m looking so dumb. I’ve been holding on to things for way too long. Passing through a week that turns into a month. Getting tongue tied again – going on and on and on and on and on. I’ll have to wait until the next round”

Ok Naledi Go Slow Artwork

Release Date September 8, 2022
Written, Composed, Produced, Recorded by Naledi Sunstrum
Mixed and Mastered at All Buttons In Recording Studio


Is it going to be an open book
Can I call a friend to help me out
Is it going to be an a b c
Or leave me with a healthy dose of doubt

KEEP GOING is about the inquitable starting point. that many marginalized groups experience in this world. The starting line is set at different points depending on ones systemic stigmatizations. As a Queer, Black, Gender fluid person I’ve often felt like people someonhow had the answers to a test that I didn’t know existed.

It feels deflating at time but at the end of the day I want to be part of the efforts to pave the way for upcoming Queer, Black folks – I want to keep going on becuase I know it’s important and still very necessary.

Ok Naledi Go Slow Artwork

do you feel

Do you feel the way I wanna feel?

do you feel is a song about trying to keep the feeling alive- sometimes the push is worth the squeeze.

Written, produced and recorded by Naledi Sunstrum at Human Robot Records. Cover photo by Jacob + Lucila. Cover design by Naledi Sunstrum. Beats by FrankyG. Mixed and mastered at: All buttons In

Ok Naledi Go Slow Artwork


“Don’t try to change me, I like who I’ve grown up to be.”

DON’T is about working to hold on to who you are. Essentially not changing yourself to please others. This is something Ive struggled with and it’s taken me a long time to learn how important self-love is. I’m weird, quircky, gay, biracial, a total goof and all of that is ok.

Self love for Black wom+n is often seen as selfish or narcissistic. Society has been conditioning us to work harder, be quiet, and stay humble. But now it’s time to learn how to be proud of who we are and how we got here while also taking care to nurture our own true selves.


Ok Naledi Go Slow Artwork


“Out on my own in this world, because of all the things I’ve observed”

YOU is a song that explores the idea of being so disheartened with how the world is unfolding that perhaps it might be better to exist alone. The last line of the chorus proclaims, “I’ll work on being compelled to myself”.

But there is a subtle desire throughout YOU of longing for community and the need for collaboration. This concept is beautifully expressed in the music video for YOU.


Ok Naledi Go Slow Artwork

OK Naledi | GO SLOW

It’s good company. GO SLOW is like a good friend, she stays with you for a while.

GO SLOW is an Afro House love song that speaks about the topic of being with someone that you know is only going to lead to two broken hearts and a bowl full of mistakes.

GO SLOW’s vibe has reminiscence of South African house group Liquideep as well as Nigerian house artist Nonso Amadi. GO SLOW will have you tapping into that little heartache memory that you hold fondly but recognize as a moment of emotional growth and heart learning.

Ok Naledi artist photo

OK Naledi is an Afro House music project created by Queer, Motswana Canadian musician Naledi Sunstrum.

Traditional sub-Saharan clean guitar lines, classic deep bass, movement-inspiring beats and that iconic, driving Afro House tempo – these are the pieces that define OK Naledi.

Emerging on the Ottawa music scene in February 2022, OK Naledi has already had incredible performance opportunities and support. From Bluesfest to a Pride Mainstage performance, opening for JulyTalk at HOPE Summerfest to an Axé World Fest performance at the National Arts Centre as well as a Nomination for Newcomer of the Year at the Capital Music Awards – OK Naledi is presenting themselves as an exciting artist to keep tabs on.

“There is a lot of complexity when it comes to being a visibly Queer, biracial, womxn, artist who grew up predominantly in Botswana, while creating music in a Western demographic. It’s important for diasporic marginalized folks to stay connected to their heritage and roots and to push back from the ongoing pressure to assimilate and fit in. This pandemic and all its boil over moments exacerbated the importance of nurturing identity and infusing it in my music. OK Naledi is my way of doing this proudly, powerfully and consistently.” – Naledi Sunstrum